Get a Private Car Service For Your Corporate Transportation Needs

If you need business / corporate transportation in the South Bend, Indiana, Notre Dame Indiana, Elkhart Indiana, Warsaw Indiana, Culver Indiana and all surrounding areas, SKSMM Luxury Chauffeur will make sure your private driver has everything you need to make every minute count. Have you private driver waiting and will be outside to pick you up before you are there. And off  to the next meeting. Maybe it can save enough time thru out the day to where with the your private transportation being right there you can catch the early flight! As well as if you are wanting to take a client out to close as deal you have a private car or SUV waiting to go. Just send your chauffeur with detail and we will adjust to make that happen. Call SKSMM Luxury Chauffeur to schedule your corporate transportation now.

Exceptional Experience Guaranteed
By focusing on providing both an exceptional passenger experience and delivering the highest possible return to your company it is easy to see why SKSMM Luxury Chauffeur is the preferred corporate transportation service for national and international corporate travelers. We offer a wide range of private car transportation services for the executive and corporate traveler including private aviation, multiple business meeting, a quick trip off the jet and to a meeting close the deal back on the jet quickly, business lunches and/or dinners, and events all customized to your specification. As well as we can have a private chauffeur and the luxury vehicle of your choice travel with you out of town and make your life a lot easier when you are in a different city. Let your chauffer worry about parking while you are going to close that deal.  We will make your day more productive with a car right outside to go to the next destination. We know that time is valuable and we have to make the most out of the day. Let us take care of the driving while you focus on the business every minute you can. Or take a break and enjoy the off time until your next destination.

Personalized Customer Care We are courteous professionals at SKSMM Luxury Chauffeur. We set the platinum standard for you and your company by providing impeccable service along. Your Private Chauffeur with make sure everything is set so you preference’s. Making all your business travel plans easy and helping to ensure faster, more efficient service. Send us you itinerary for the day and you do not have to worry about your chauffeur knowing where to go. And it is always nice having a private car waiting just incase something come up. Your chauffeur is always around the corner and ready when you are.

Experienced Chauffeurs
Your driver is well aware of everything that goes on with corporate transportation if we need to sign a NDA no problem we have and will. As well as we do not have video or audio recording in our luxury vehicles so your conversation are kept between the parties involved we take privacy very serious. But all of our luxury vehicles are equipped with the finest on-the-go amenities and leading edge technology to enhance your productivity. Have a special request no problem just let us know and we will make sure to have it the your luxury vehicle.

Newest Luxury Vehicles
We provide the most up to date fleet of luxury sedans and SUVs with every different option you could think of. We try to stay ahead of the industry with the best luxury fleet you can have. So you know that you have maximum comfort for your corporate transportation.

Long day of meeting and just want to grab something on the way back to the hotel or before your flight let us know and will accommodate and request that you may have to make your day easier and less stressful we are there for you. And when its time to go to the airport do not worry we will be outside waiting for you when you are ready to head back to the airport with the vehicle set to te exact way that you prefer it.

We take pride in always arriving early and ensuring that we exceed your customer service expectations. We know that you can chose other companies for your corporate transportation and we appreciate you considering us for as a option. I give you my word we understand the importance of time and how valuable it is so we make sure that we do everything to keep the schedule on time.

If you have any questions, please contact us. To learn more and connect with us, check out our Facebook page! 

Denali at the South Bend International Airport in South Bend Indiana
Ford Expedition in downtown Chicago Ill.
A black car with open door
Denali Downtown Chicago Il

Attending a Business Meeting? We Are There From The First Meeting Till The Last Deal Is Closed!

Call us with your schedule and we will have a private car waiting on you!!!