Learn About SKSMM Luxury Chauffeur LLC

Have a transportation-related question? We have the answer! Check out our FAQs below to learn more about our services.

Do you offer Special event or VIP services?

‘Yes, SKSMM Luxury Chauffeur offers Special Event Services. We specialize in VIP luxury car service as all of our customers are VIP’s!

We offer services for all different types of Special Transportation. We want to make sure you have the best experience so when planning your luxury travel we ask a lot of questions that we we have every detail planned out ahead of time. See somewhere you want to go that is not a problem at all we will make the stop and continue on as planned. Give us a call with any questions you might have for your Special Event Transportation.

What size vehicle would I need?

S.K.S.M.M Luxury Chauffeur offers the most up to date luxury SUV’s and sedans for all of your private transportation needs. No matter how large your group!

Our private luxury Sedans fits 2 passengers with 3 suitcases very comfortably. It sits 3 passengers with light luggage as well is a comfortable ride for the passengers. Or if you are going for a night out on the town, a special event, or anything else it can sit 4 people as well.

Our private chauffeured luxury SUV’s Can Hold 4 passengers with a lot of luggage with ease. They also can hold up to 6 passengers as long as everyone does not have large suitcases. Perfect for your families private airport transportation. Or we have some clients that just prefer a private luxury SUV just for themselves. We will make sure we get everyone and everything to the destination when it comes to your luxury travel.

S.K.S.M.M. Luxury Chauffeur offers the “New Limo” no matter how big your group is we can accommodate any and all requests. And with the flexibility of the “New Limo” it can make your night!

We offer all different types of luxury vehicles for your luxury travel get a free quote and see how we can help make all of your transportation quick and easy.

Serving Notre Dame, Indiana, South Bend, Indiana, Granger Indiana, Culver Indiana, as well as the whole Michiana Area

What areas do you service?

S.K.S.M.M. Luxury Chauffeur offers private luxury transportation to and from Notre Dame, Indiana, South Bend, Indiana. Granger, Indiana, Elkhart, Indiana, Mishawaka, Indiana, The Michiana Area, Culver, Indiana, Laporte, Indiana, Michigan City, Indiana, Carmel, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indiana, Kokomo, Indiana, New Buffalo, Michigan, St. Joseph, Michigan, Cassopolis, Michigan, Chicago, Illinois, and we also will pick up and drop off anywhere.

Give us a call for a free quote for the next time you need a private chauffeur service.

Can I book a vehicle per hour?

Yes, our vehicles can be booked by the hour. The fee depends on the size and model of the vehicle. Contact us today for more information on booking our chauffeur services in South Bend, IN.

How long will my chauffeur wait for me?

Your private chauffeur will wait for you as long as you would like. If you thought you were going to be done at a certain time and are wanting to continue the fun in most cases we can accommodate the extra time that you would need. But that is why we have upfront pricing with no hidden fees. We do not feel the need to charge you for every little thing. So we do it more as a package deal so you do not feel like you have to stop having fun because of the the additional time. Its the S.K.S.M.M. way of customer service. And know when you are ready to leave your private vehicle as well as your private chauffeur will be there to get you home safely at the end of your night.

Serving the Notre Dame Indiana, South Bend Indiana, Granger Indiana, The Michiana Area, Culver Indiana, Elkhart Indiana, as well as any place you would like to go we travel with you!

Are your vehicles insured?

This is a great question. Yes we have all of the proper insurance and is filed with the state of Indiana. We have a 1.5 million dollar policy as that is a state requirement you must have no exceptions on everyone vehicle in our luxury fleet they all carry that policy on each car as well as the private chauffeur. This is one of the most important parts of this industry. If someone does not have the proper insurance if something was to happen even the smallest thing you slip on the running board and fall out and get hurt hope it never happens but with S.K.S.M.M. we make sure that you are covered. As if something was to happen and the company does not have the proper insurance then your luxury transportation well that was done illegally and even your own personal health insurance will not cover the cost of the medical bills as you were on a illegal “taxi” ride. This is one of the most expensive pieces of this puzzle when it comes to making sure that everyone is covered incase something happens. Even if you do not choose S.K.S.M.M. for your travel need make sure you ask about there commercial insurance if they say anything under 1.5 million dollar and they are in the state of Indiana well you have your answer when it comes to the right insurance. As well as ask if the the private driver that will be driving you is on the commercial insurance policy and we provide proof if someone would like to see. So we make sure that you are covered incase something should something happen.

And also they do not make a policy that just covers the person and which ever vehicle they choose to drive. I have looked high and low for this policy I have heard so much of I can seem to find it. Make sure they are not cutting corners because if they can not afford to pay for the insurance I am positive they can not pay your medical bills.

Do your vehicles have wi-fi?

Yes, all of our vehicles are equipped with wi-fi. Call us today for first-class transportation in South Bend, IN.

The S.K.S.M.M. Way

S.K.S.M.M. Luxury Chauffeur is a small family owned company. So no matter what kind of luxury transportation you choose know that we will make sure everything goes as planned. With the best Customer Service you have experienced in any industry. We believe communication is key that is why so we are always a text or call away if you ever need anything  We show up early if we are on time we are late that is not to rush you it is so we can load anything up that needs loaded and when you are ready to go the luxury vehicle you have had time to get back to your preferred  temperature as you have selected. We do not take reservations to close together that would jeopardize your luxury transportation that is how we can guarantee our luxury transportation for all of our customers. We know that what ever the event you are going to is important and that is why we make sure that we under promise and over deliver as well as exceeding your expectations.

What is your privacy policy?

Here at SKSMM Luxury Chauffeur, LLC, we highly respect your right to privacy and handle your personal information with care. We only use your information to confirm your reservation and for questions regarding your service experience. We will never sell or share your information with anyone. The personal information we collect from you is stored on an accredited hosting service in which all of your information is secured on password-encrypted servers. For more details on our chauffeur services in South Bend, IN, call us today.